Miss Teen USA, the “N” word, and standing up for justice: an open letter from White Nonsense Roundup

Nikki Fowler, founder of Glitter Magazine, alerted us to the racist language used by the current Miss Teen USA. Glitter Magazine’s own open letter can be found here. bit.ly/GlitterMissUSA

We were very disappointed to see such a celebrated figure in the pageant world use the N word without repercussions or apology!

White Nonsense Roundup was created to combat systemic racism at the request of communities and individuals of Color. We are not the loudest or most crucial voices on this issue – nor should we be. But it’s important to stand in solidarity and show that there are many of us concerned, watching, and waiting for a response on this issue. The privilege granted to Miss Teen USA illustrates the racial inequity in our culture, and needs to be addressed quickly and thoroughly. Please read the attached Open Letter below.

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Ellen Degeneres, Historical Racism and why it’s not funny.

If you’re like us, you love Ellen DeGeneres and her usually kind heart. Which is why we were surprised to find an image of her photoshopped to look like she is riding Usain Bolt as a “joke” earlier this week. Without historical context, this might be a funny comment on the fastest man alive! We do believe her when she says that she was not being intentionally racist when she posted this image. The problem is, we’ve got a lot of historical context to navigate.

This picture evoked a strong, angry reaction by many in the social media-verse and for good reason. Historically, there are many examples of white slave owners photographing themselves “riding” their slaves. This is exactly as disgusting as it sounds, and we will not post those images here, but if you need proof, it is a mere Google search away. Ellen’s intention with this post was presumably to honor Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter, as a phenomenal athlete – he is the fastest man in history with a world record time of 9.58 seconds – and to keep herself relevant on social media by making a topical “joke.” Her mistake here was not considering historical facts of POC being treated as “beasts of burden” in American society.

Our good intentions have to be matched by respectful action. We hope you’ll consider this position and take a moment to read more in the open letter we are sending to Ellen Degeneres and the Ellen Show.

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