Codes of Conduct

We are here to have difficult conversations with white people about systemic racism. This
means we may be invited to personal pages, often in the middle of heated argument and discussion. Our primary job is to share facts, figures, essays, and articles about the existence of systemic racism and the injustice people of color experience on the daily. We also will be focusing on boosting the signal of voices of color, including their experiences, needs, and insight – in their own words.

This work includes explaining basic concepts that a white person doesn’t understand or hasn’t heard before. This includes calling out your racist aunt or a coworker’s problematic #AllLivesMatter posts. This includes posting a Black Lives Matter essay by an activist from the movement. This includes supporting and cheering on white people who have stood up for marginalized communities. It also includes contributing to the pool of anti-racist materials, and sharing these materials throughout social media. It does NOT include calling people names. It does NOT include personal insults. It does NOT include trolling individuals and harassing them long after the argument is over. It does NOT include giving yourself a high-five for doing this work. IT MOST DEFINITELY DOES NOT INCLUDE WHITE-SPLAINING.

Let’s explore that last one: we are here to support communities of color, and are responsive to their needs and feedback. We never explain racial issues to a non-white person who is living the reality of racism every day. If you are invited in to a conversation, you must respect their space. If they ask you to cool off or back off entirely, leave the conversation immediately. If you are called out for saying something problematic, you must own up to it, apologize directly, and follow their direction for further steps (including leaving the conversation after apologizing). Failing to follow these clear guidelines will result in being asked to leave White Nonsense Roundup.

We are all stepping up in a public way; by volunteering with us you acknowledge your acceptance of the fact that your personal name may be associated with the movement. We hope no one becomes the victim of trolling, nasty comments, or doxxing, but you need to be aware of the possibility and take on that risk; WNR is not liable in any way.

We are white people trying to do our part in fighting widespread racism; it is highly probable that we will mess up. Many of these conversations will be uncomfortable and outside our normal comfort zone. That’s where real change takes place! Let’s do our best to be responsive, apologize as needed, learn from our mistakes, and keep going.