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Tech Industry Pays Hispanic, Black And Asian Employees Less Than Whites, Study SaysJeff StoneArticle/Blog10-Oct-14 101economic justiceinstitutional racismstatisticssystemic racismusa
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Twenty Years After Welfare Reform, It’s Time for a New Approach to Cash AssistanceAndrew StettnerArticle/Blog16-Aug-16 101economic justiceinstitutional racismstatisticssystemic racismusa
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5 Things to Do in the Wake of Donald Trump's ElectionOpal TometiVideo05-Dec-16 201black lives matterindigenous rightsintersectionalityallyshipusa
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Every Time You Say "All Lives Matter" You Are Being an Accidental RacistJesse DamianiArticle/Blog15-Jul-16 101black lives matterall lives matterwhite privilegeinstitutional racismusa
Why 'All Lives Matter' Is Such a Perilous PhraseDaniel Victor, NY TimesArticle/Blog15-Jul-16 101black lives matterall lives matterusa
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Don't Like Black Lives Matter? Get Ready to Lose Young Jews Like UsAlly Little and Michelle WeiserArticle/Blog04-Aug-16 201black lives matterallyship
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40 Holocaust survivors condemn ‘massacre’ of Palestinians, call for BDS against IsraelAlex KaneArticle/Blog26-Aug-14 201colonialismhistoryPalestineIsraelBDS
Jews of Color Caucus Statement in Solidarity with the Movement for Black LivesJews of Color and Sephardi/Mizrahi (JOCSM) Caucus, organized in partnership with Jewish Voice for PeaceArticle/Blog05-Aug-16 201black lives matterpolice brutalityprisonsPalestineIsrael
The Future Is Indigenous: Decolonizing ThanksgivingMaile ArvinArticle/Blog24-Nov-16 201indigenouscolonialismhistorydecolonizing
The Ultimate White Privilege Statistics & Data PostArticle/Blog 101white privilegeinstitutional racismpolice brutalitystatisticswealth gap
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White FragilityRobin DiAngeloArticle/Blog2011 pagesRacism 301white fragilitywhitenesswhite supremacyacademic paperusa
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White People: Stop Microvalidating Each Other’s White Fragility & White Fogstephanie jo kentArticle/Blog17-Jul-16 101white fragilitywhitenesswhite supremacyusa
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Youth Incarceration in the United States, ExplainedPrince ShakurArticle/Blog21-Oct-17 201youthprisonssystemic racismhistoryusa
Yes, You Can Measure White PrivilegeMichael HarriotArticle/Blog17-Apr-14 101white privilegestatisticssystemic racisminstitutional racismusa
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What My Bike Has Taught Me About White PrivilegejdowsettArticle/Blog20-Aug-14 101white privilegewhite fragilitysystemic racismusa
White Guilt: Discomfort is a Good ThingEmma NorthcottArticle/Blog29-Dec-15 201white privilegewhite fragilitywhite allywhite accomplice
When Every Word Doesn't Belong to EveryoneTa-Nehisi Coates / All Things Being Equal NetworkVideo07-Nov-17 minRacism 101hip-hoplanguagecultural appropriationusa
White Flight Never EndedAlana SemuelsArticle/Blog30-Jul-15 101housingsegregationeconomic justiceinstitutional racismusa
The Gentrifier’s Guide to Not Being an AssholeNeil deMauseArticle/Blog25-Aug-15 201gentrificationhousingeconomic justiceusa
Oakland, California, might be the center of gentrificationMolly Wood, Susie Cagle, Hayley Hershman, and Cerise CastlePodcast19-Aug-16 minRacism 101housinggentrificationeconomic justiceinstitutional racismusa
Gentrification: White People Following White PeopleKevin HartnettArticle/Blog06-Aug-14 101gentrificationsegregationeconomic justiceusa
Gentrification Is a Feminist Issue: The Intersection of Class, Race, Gender and HousingCherise CharleswellArticle/Blog29-Aug-15 101gentrificationeconomic justiceinstitutional racismintersectionalityusa
Gentrification Spotlight: How Portland is Pushing Out Its Black ResidentsAbigail Savitch-LewArticle/Blog18-Apr-16 101gentrificationhousingeconomic justiceinstitutional racismusa
San Francisco Artist Talks Race, Police Violence & ProtestAlex MakArticle/Blog31-May-16 101gentrificationeconomic justicepolice brutalitystereotypingusa
Airbnb 'Name Shaming' Signs Posted Around SF ChinatownCBS San Francisco / KPIXVideo22-Jul-16 minRacism 101gentrificationhousingeconomic justiceusa
Bay Area housing costs prompt high school students to make 70-mile commutesSharon NoguchiArticle/Blog14-Sep-16 101gentrificationhousingeducationeconomic justiceusa
Investors Move Next Door, Unsettling a Black Beachside EnclaveJohn LelandArticle/Blog25-Aug-16 101gentrificationhousingsystemic racismeconomic justiceusa
Big data and hidden cameras are emerging as dangerous weapons in the gentrification warsDia KayyaliArticle/Blog23-Aug-16 201housingstereotypingsystemic racismgentrificationusa
How Nextdoor reduced racist posts by 75%Kashmir HillArticle/Blog25-Aug-16 101stereotypingcriminal justiceusa
Mapping Inequality: Redlining in New Deal AmericaRobert K. Nelson, LaDale Winling, Richard Marciano, Nathan Connolly, et al.Database 201housinginstitutional racismsystemic racismeconomic justiceusa
Facing History and Ourselves: Educator ResourcesWebsite 101educationyouthsystemic racismhistorycurriculum
BHIAH: Black History Is American HistoryDanielle Slaugher / MamademicsWebsite 101educationcurriculumchildrenafrican diasporausa
Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There IsJohn ScalziArticle/Blog15-May-12 101white privilegeeducationyouth
SURJ Mother's Day Action ToolkitStanding Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)Website 201educationchildrenfamiliessystemic racismusa
Social Class Curricula: Classroom ExercisesAmerican Psychological AssociationWebsite 201educationyouthcurriculumeconomic justice
Global Reads 2017Gayatri SethiGraphic Text06-Jan-17 101educationchildrenanti-racismenvironmental justicehistory
10 things every white teacher should know when talking about raceAngela WatsonArticle/Blog 101educationwhite supremacysystemic racismwhite privilegereverse racism
10 Ways Well-Meaning White Teachers Bring Racism Into Our SchoolsJamie UttArticle/Blog06-Aug-15 201educationinstitutional racismimplicit biaslanguagecultural appropriation
Fact Sheet: How Bad Is the School-to-Prison Pipeline?Carla AmuraoArticle/Blog 101educationinstitutional racismstatisticscriminal justiceusa
Your Local Public School Is Failing at Addressing Racism – Here Are 3 Ways HowJon GreenbergArticle/Blog06-Apr-15 201educationinstitutional racismhistorywhite washingusa
Yale study suggests racial bias among preschool teachersEmma BrownArticle/Blog27-Sep-16 101educationsystemic racismimplicit biaschildrenusa
The Danger of Not Teaching Anti-Racism In SchoolsKelly Wickham HurstArticle/Blog25-Sep-16 201educationinstitutional racismbullyingusa
White Fragility: An IntroductionAlison AubrechtVideo24-Jun-15 101asl interpretationwhite fragilitywhitenessanti-racism
ASL Interpretation of White Fragility and The Rules of Engagement (1of3)Dr. Robin DiAngelo'Video21-Jun-15 101asl interpretationwhite fragilitywhitenessanti-racism
ASL Interpretation of White Fragility and The Rules of Engagement (2of3)Dr. Robin DiAngelo'Video24-Jun-15 101asl interpretationwhite fragilitywhitenessanti-racism
ASL Interpretation of White Fragility and The Rules of Engagement (3of3)Dr. Robin DiAngelo'Video21-Jun-15 101asl interpretationwhite fragilitywhitenessanti-racism
Challenge patriarchy as you organize (abridged)Harsha WaliaArticle/Blog 201intersectionalitymisogyny
racebending.comWebsite 201reparationspop culturemoviescasting
Dear White Friends: Here's how to support BLM without making it about youCollier MeyersonArticle/Blog22-Jul-16 201black lives matterwhite allywhite accompliceallyship
The Right Heart is More Important than the Right Analysis in Fighting RacismChris CrassArticle/Blog14-Nov-16 201white allylanguageanti-racismusa
Black Lives Matter wants to help you avoid these five traps in difficult talks about raceJanaya Khan, Aaron MorrisonVideo21-Dec-16 minRacism 101black lives matterblack on black crimederailing
3 Types Of Racists That Are More Dangerous Than What You Think  A Racist Looks LikeShae CollinsArticle/Blog24-Aug-16 201all lives matteri don't see colorwhite privilegewhite supremacystereotyping
The Best Take Down of Hipster Racism You Will Ever See - Brave New Voices (Finals) - Philadelphia Round #2Kai Davis, Safiya WashingtonVideo22-Jul-12 101i don't see colorreverse racismcultural appropriationgentrification
Uncomfortable fact: hipster racism is often well-intentionedIjeoma OluoArticle/Blog13-Feb-15 101representationcultural appropriationstereotypinglanguagesystemic racism
Why I'm a RacistJeffArticle/Blog12-Jul-16 101white privilegewhite fragilityi don't see colorall lives matterpolice brutality
Here Are the Real Reasons Why We White People Struggle to Admit That Racism Still ExistsJamie UttArticle/Blog21-Jul-15 101reverse racismwhite privilegewhite fragilitywhitenesssystemic racism
Op-Ed: What is Whiteness?Nell Irvin PainterArticle/Blog20-Jun-15 101whitenesshistoryusa
CAS study reveals stark racial disparities for blacks, aboriginalsJim RankinArticle/Blog23-Jun-16,049Racism 101indigenouschildrencanada
Why Black Lives Matter Won’t Go Away: a Primer on Systemic Racism in AmericaANTHONY DIMAGGIOArticle/BlogJuly 18,2017,200Racism 101black lives matterpolice brutalitystatisticscriminal justice
Why the whiteness of the American media is everyone's problemHoward W FrenchArticle/Blog13-Jun-16 101media biasrepresentationmediacolorism
Links to Articles on Whiteness: by QuakersQuakersWebsite - White people shot and killed most police officers in 2016Mic.comVideo25-Nov-16 101blue lives matterinstitutional racismstatisticscriminal justice
Terrorism in America After 9/11: A comprehensive, up-to-date source of online information about terrorist activity in the United States and by Americans overseas since 9/11New AmericaWebsite 101statisticsantifaimmigrationusastereotyping
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